You've planned and designed your dream business.
What's next? 

We can advise you on the next steps necessary to turn your business plan into a legally sound reality. Our Business Execution Package is a FIXED FEE package designed for aspiring Illinois business owners that have:

  • Identified the business they want to create.

  • Identified their target market(s) and client(s)

  • Created a business plan

  • Created a marketing plan

  • Created a finance plan and budget

Our Business Execution Package will provide you with the steps and actions necessary to convert your business dream into a business reality.  Now that your business plan is ready to go, we can help you execute your plans into a legally compliant and active business.

Our Business Execution Package will include the following:

Legal Incorporation

We will incorporate your business.

*Note: Package does not include federal/state tax filings 

Trademark Filing

We will file a trademark with the USPTO for your business's name.

Licenses and Permits

We will identify the licenses and permits required for your business.

*Note: License procurement not included

Policies and Procedures

We will identify the policies and procedures that may be required or recommended for your business.


We will provide standard templates of contracts that you may need for your business.

*Note: Customized contracts can be separately negotiated at our then-current hourly rate.

One-on-One Calls

The services will include 2 (one hour) calls with an attorney and direct access to an attorney during the term of the service.

The Added Value and Perks

  • The services, information and recommendations will be tailored to your specific business!  This is not a one-size-fits all package; it's a package created with your business planning at the core.

  • Our team will explain the information live and in a one-on-one setting.  And we won't be talking at you - we'll have a fluid, open conversation where we'll welcome your questions!

  • You will save time and money for your soon-to-launch business! The valuable hours you would spend researching this information could be time you spend growing your network and fine tuning your business plans before your launch.

  • Our services could protect you and your business against costly future interruptions to your business and/or penalties and fines. 

  • You'll have direct access to an attorney that will know the details and nuances of your proposed business.  Which means that if, after the completion of our services, you need additional legal assistance, our attorneys will be equipped with crucial knowledge about your business.