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Contract and corporate legal services tailored to
your business needs.

Get to Know Our Ideal Client:

Serna Legal Services is proud to work with established and successful Illinois and Wisconsin businesses looking to scale further.  As their Spanish-speaking legal partner, we help them mitigate the legal risks that arise with larger and more specialized domestic and international contracts and transactions. This allows our clients to sleep well at night  knowing their contract and corporate legal needs are covered. 


Our clients tell us we're different to other business lawyers, not only because we speak Spanish, but because we speak their language. As the proud daughter of Latine business owners, our Founding Attorney understands her clients’ needs and cares passionately about their success. 

At Serna Legal Services, we understand that business ownership and management require multi-tasking. And corporate legal protections can fall low on the list of business priorities.  That’s why we’ve made it our mission to ensure that our clients' corporate legal needs are covered, giving our clients peace of mind. We understand our clients' cultures and values, including what drives their entrepreneurial journeys. Because of this, we are proud to offer legal services tailored to each of our clients' business goals.

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Our Founder


Noeli Serna

Noeli Serna grew up at the family restaurant, which contributed to her interest in business and appreciation for excellent customer service.  Her formative years in the family business eventually led her to the practice of corporate law as a former finance attorney turned in-house corporate counsel.

As a first-generation Mexican American, her Spanish-speaking ability coupled with a deeply instilled work ethic has now brought her to one of her proudest achievements as the founder of Serna Legal Services.  

Through her experience working on multimillion-dollar finance deals to drafting and negotiating a wide array of English and Spanish-language contracts during her time as in-house counsel, Noeli is well-equipped and excited to bring together all her strengths and abilities to help business owners and entrepreneurs protect and expand their businesses.

*Noeli is licensed to practice law in Illinois and Wisconsin

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