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Serna Legal Services focuses on Latine business owners.

When you're a Latine business owner, you traditionally have lower access to capital, resources and Spanish-language services. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to ensure that Latine-owned businesses and entrepreneurs have the legal pieces in place to create, protect and scale their businesses.


As a Latina attorney, our founder understands the importance of education and recognizes it in our culture as the foundation of progress. We have seen the significance of this in how successful business ideas have transcended over time. That is why Latine business owners are more likely to share opportunities for growth than their non-Latine counterparts.


It is by investing in ourselves that we advance in our process of professional, personal, and emotional evolution. We have grown up in a culture where in a way, scarcity has taken a particular role during our childhood and adult life. As a result of the sacrifices and efforts but above all, the decisions of previous generations, today we have a safe space for undertaking and freeing ourselves from generational pain derived from trauma and poverty. The beauty of making our business ideas a reality is traced not only in the personal process of transformation but in the ability to impart our knowledge so that others can have the freedom to do the same.


At Serna Legal Services, we understand our clients' cultures and values, including what drives their entrepreneurial journeys. Because of this, we are proud to offer legal services tailored to each of our clients' business goals.

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Noeli Serna

Noeli Serna grew up at the family restaurant, which contributed to her interest in business and appreciation for excellent customer service.  Her formative years in the family business eventually led her to the practice of corporate law as a former finance attorney turned in-house corporate counsel.

As a first-generation Mexican American, her Spanish-speaking ability coupled with a deeply instilled work ethic has now brought her to one of her proudest achievements as the founder of Serna Legal Services.  

Through her experience working on multimillion-dollar finance deals to drafting and negotiating a wide array of English and Spanish-language contracts during her time as in-house counsel, Noeli is well-equipped and excited to bring together all her strengths and abilities to help Latine business owners and entrepreneurs protect and expand their businesses.

*Noeli is licensed to practice law in Illinois and Wisconsin