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We are proud to provide the business community with corporate legal services and Spanish-speaking attorneys. Learn more about these services below.


We will draft, review and negotiate contracts on behalf of your business. Our contract services will be tailored to your particular business, your goals and your business's needs.

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Spanish-language Contracts

We can help you review and identify risks in your business’s Spanish-language contracts and Latin American transactions.

Legal Research

The laws that affect your business are ever-evolving. We will help answer legal questions, research new regulations or laws that impact your business and counsel you on the steps necessary to protect your business.

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We can help protect your business's image by filing trademarks to protect your business name and logo.

Working with Serna legal Services

  • The services, information and recommendations will be tailored to your specific business!  This is not a one-size-fits all service; it's a service created with your business planning at the core.

  • Our team will explain the information live and in a one-on-one setting.  And we won't be talking at you - we'll have a fluid, open conversation where we'll welcome all your questions!

  • You will save time and money for your business! The valuable hours you would spend researching this information could be time you spend growing your network and fine tuning your business plans.

  • Our services could protect you and your business against costly future interruptions to your business and/or penalties and fines. 

  • You'll have direct access to an attorney that will know the details and nuances of your proposed business.  Which means that if, after the completion of our services, you need additional legal assistance, our attorneys will be equipped with crucial knowledge about your business.

How We Have Helped Businesses

Did you know that not properly setting up your business can be detrimental to your overall success as a business owner? It’s additional stress that you shouldn’t have to endure. 

By setting up your business properly, you can save thousands of dollars. We recently consulted a client who had incorporated their business online without consulting a lawyer. This client paid $150 dollars to register their company with the state. The client contracted us to simply help write a contract for their business. However, upon investigation, we found that they had a few errors in how their business was set up. There were two major issues with their entity formation. One, they did not properly list the registered agent for their business, and two, they did not have an operating agreement in place for their business. These are simple errors but can ultimately cause a lot of problems down the road. At the end of the day, our client had to pay $2,050 dollars to remedy the issue. This could have easily been avoided and saved them a lot of money had they engaged with us immediately or had they accessed a resource like LatInovador. Don’t make the same mistake! Our firm is dedicated to protecting our clients' businesses and advising clients on how to legally create, scale and protect their businesses.

Serna Legal Services can help your business avoid legal liability and exposure. We have helped a client create a services agreement contract template that was tailored to their specific business. The client can now present a legally vetted contract to their customers. Our client now has a contract that protects their business, includes specific descriptions of the services they will provide, and includes protections of how and when they should be paid. Without our services, the client’s business could be exposed to liability without the right legal protections in place. Don't be that business. Our firm is dedicated to protecting our clients' businesses and advising clients on how to legally create, scale and protect their businesses.

Serna Legal Services protects its clients' intellectual property. We have helped clients file federal trademarks for their business names. This will help ensure that the business name is protected and cannot be used by another business across the United States that does similar work to them. Without a trademark, another business that provides services that are similar to our client’s services could have the right to file a trademark for that same name and could have asked our client to stop using the name for their business. This could lead to huge monetary losses and interruption to business operations. Don't be that business. Our firm is dedicated to protecting our clients' businesses and advising clients on how to legally create, scale and protect their businesses.

Our contract services save our clients thousands of dollars. We have helped clients review contracts that they've received from their customers in order to make the contracts more equitable to our clients and protective of their businesses. Without our services, our clients may not have successfully advocated for contractual protections that could save them thousands of dollars over time. Don't be that business. Our firm is dedicated to protecting our clients' businesses and advising clients on how to legally create, scale and protect their businesses.


M. Velasquez 

I highly recommend Attorney Serna. She helped me with all my business needs when I launched my financial coaching business. I normally dread dealing with attorneys but dealing with her was like dealing with a friend. She made the process seem so simple and was very quick to respond.

A. Kacius

Great service. Noeli took the time to review my documents and to respond to all my questions.

 V. Calvario

Serna Legal Services has been very, very helpful. Not only have I attended a free webinar with tons of good information, but I also reached out with more needed help and Noeli was very good at replying quickly and taking her time for a 15 minute phone call to answer and help me with even more guidance. Really appreciate all the help!!

A. Abaunza

Very professional, organized, responds promptly. Delivered all the jobs at time. Also, responds to all the legal questions and they do research for you.
It was a pleasure working with Serna Legal Services.

X. Maldonado

Thank you very much for your guidance. It is prudent, and adds value to those of us who are starting out. Thanks for your time.

D. Bailey

Noeli was very knowledgeable, understanding, patient and thorough in her communication with me. I will be retaining her.

S. Pertuz

Working with Serna Legal Services has been a pleasure. They are responsive and thorough. I appreciated that Noeli took the time explain everything and answer all of my questions. Would highly recommend!

L. Maciel

Excellent service and treatment!!!

A. Alcaraz

Noeli was very professional and answered all my questions promptly. She was very flexible with my ever changing schedule as a small business owner. She is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend her! Looking forward to working with her again in the future.

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